Time to Let Your Feet Breathe

By: Lilybeth LaFevre

Spring is (supposedly) here. And summer is just going to be right around the corner once it fully gets warm here in Philadelphia. With super hot and humid days coming up soon I started doing what I do best: online shopping.

I’m totally sick of wearing heavy boots, sneakers and boat shoes. I found a super cute alternate while looking at flip flops at Havaianas.com. I swear by Havaianas. Their flip flops are perfect. They don’t bother my feet like other cheaper alternates, are heavier duty than other flip flops and come in the cutest styles and colors. I only have two pairs of Havaianas, and they’re all I wear in the summer. Not to mention that I have been obsessing for years over Havaianas but specifically the Fit. I once talked to a girl at an amusement park after seeing her wearing them. We both shared a love for Havaianas but said how I was worried about whether the Fits were comfortable enough for everyday use like normal flip flops, and then she did the unspeakable and she let me try hers on. They were like walking on clouds. I should’ve lied, told her I needed to try the other one to get a full taste of the shoes and then started running. If only I could go back in time…

But here they are, the Havaianas Fit.

Totally adorable, and they come in 6 colors on the official website. At only $28 a pop, I think I might just buy every color this summer. (Wishful thinking…) You can buy them here.

Another great alternate is the Origine Espadrille by Havianas. They’re super cute and how I like to think of them are if flip flops and ballet shoes had a  baby that was into surfing, this would be the fantastic result.

These also come in 6 colors. I love the red ones for the spring time and Summer. These cost $38 a pair, which seems a bit much, but knowing Havaianas and the fact that my oldest pair of Havaianas is 5 years old and still flipping, I know these babies will last forever, and are worth the price. You can snag them here before your friends.

Oh gosh, I can tell already that my footwear on my upcoming cruise is going to seem like a tribute to Havaianas. Well at least for the time being, shipping is free with the purchase of 3 pairs of shoes… Time to get shopping!


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