Talking to mark Representative Kelsey Riley

This is the second in a series of five interviews M.L.T.S. conducted with mark representatives across the country. mark, for those of you who don’t know, is an Avon company aimed at a younger clientele. Known for working with such celebrities as Lauren Conrad, the company is dedicated not only to  philanthropy, mark is a company dedicated to helping college-aged girls make money and learn important business skills while they are in school. If you are interested in becoming a mark representative, you can apply here.

Kelsey Riley, a mark representative and a tourism and events management major at George Mason University

M.L.T.S.: Can you tell us a little more about you? How old are you? Where do you go to school? What are you studying? Etc.

Kelsey Riley: I am 21 years old, I go to George Mason University and currently about to finish my Junior year.  I am a Tourism and Events Management major and Business minor.  I am very social and love hanging out with friends.  I also am involved in volunteering prospects such as the Alternative Break Program at Mason where I recently led a group of 12 students to Jamaica to help with literacy issues.

M.L.T.S.:  How did you hear about the mark. program and get involved? How long ago was it that you got involved?

Kelsey Riley: I heard about the mark. program through a campus event.  They were offering a free lipgloss, so my friends and I, as freshmen, certainly wanted to snag all the freebies on campus we could get!  Alison McPherson, a student at Mason and mark. rep, was there and eventually (after answering a ton of my questions) convinced me to sign up as a rep.  It was the best decision I ever made towards my career.  That was November of 2008.  I decided to apply for the position in the college program (since then has been replaced by the Mentor program) as a Campus Sales Manager.

Everything sky rocketed from there — internship, and now a job with the company as a Mentor!  A mark. Mentor means that I am a resource for all the reps in my area and basically the equivalent of a field manager.  I have the entire state of Maryland which encompasses about 300 representatives.  I absolutely love my job.

M.L.T.S.: What have you learned or accomplished while involved in the program?

Kelsey Riley: I have learned an incredible amount.  I have learned how to be business savvy, since as a mark rep, you essentially “own” your own business!  I have learned to be intuitive and a good salesperson.  I’ve had lots of practice speaking in front of large crowds for events like sorority makeup demos all the way to regional meetings and trainings for my mark. reps!

I have amazing experience to put on my resume, also.  I can say that I have been a top sales rep ranked nationally for 2009 and 2010.  I can say that I’ve been on Live TV representing mark., as well as several magazines and newspapers.  I can also show anyone my tangible work experience from the internship that is currently living on the national website!  I can also say that at age 20 I was in charge of 300 sales reps!

You really can’t get that kind of experience, at any age, any location, and in any way that you make it, anywhere else.  You literally get out of the program what you put into it, and I loved it so I put in a lot of effort that’s really paid off — both literally and figuratively!

M.L.T.S.: How do you think you’ll be involved with this in the next few years? Is this something that you’ve been told might lead to a full-time job later?

Kelsey Riley: I very much hope to continue to work for mark. in the future.  Like I’ve said, I’ve gained so much experience and would love so much to give it all back to mark.  I kind of already have a full time job–the Mentor job–but since its really on my own time, I haven’t kept track how many hours I technically work.  I’m in school full time, so as a Mentor I try and work as much as I can, but that’s limited during the school year.  This summer I hope to really work full time and really excel at it.

I would ideally love to continue to move up within the company and continue working in the field.

M.L.T.S.: What’s your favorite part of this?

Kelsey Riley: My favorite part of being a rep, is how much opportunity there is.  For someone that is super driven, like I’d like to think I am, there really is no limit how far you can go.

My favorite part of being a Mentor is the responses I get from my reps.  Most are super grateful for my help and that literally is so rewarding that I was able to be apart of a rep becoming as successful as they want to be with mark.  I’m like a proud mom all the time!

My favorite part about mark. as a whole is the absolutely wonderful, astounding women I’ve been able to have the privilege of meeting and working with.  A lot have become friends of mine for life.  Truly, they are just amazing people and I’m so humbled to be apart of it all!

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