Item of the Day: Gap 2-in-1 Metallic Hobo

We’re always on the hunt for the perfect handbag. It’s a pretty long-running joke that men don’t know why we carry such big bags — “What are you carrying, a body?” ask our flabbergasted boyfriends when we ask him to pass it to us from across the bedroom.

Running a magazine means you need to carry a lot of things. And what about you? We’re sure that between your classes, your internship, your work study job, and various social events, you, too, need a body bag.

Today, we present to you Gap’s 2-in-1 metallic hobo, which has reminded us we need to get out and party just a tad more. Surely this bag can transition from carrying your many books and folders (Gap’s website says it can hold “Toiletries, magazines and books, compact umbrella.”) to a night on the town with your girlfriends or your man.

It comes in your choice of black, gold or silver (the last is shown above), and costs $49.95. Maybe a bit steep for our budgets, but we can’t imagine you won’t be wearing it day in, day out. Buy it here.


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