I’m Me. Who Are You?

Editor-in-chief Rosella’s profile.

A word to the un-wise. Using a fake name on Facebook with improper nouns and a pinch of “Z”s thrown in for good measure is not good past the age of 10. Today, when one important part of branding yourself is the implementation of social networking, you’d better get your name straight. Unless you’ve legally changed your name to Stephanie Jonas or Alexis Beiber, don’t make that your name on Facebook.

It’s childish and a clear indication that you don’t want to be you. And no one wants to hire a young woman who is “in love” with Justin Bieber.

You may choose to keep certain aspects of your personal life private — “Is she dating anyone?” — but there are certain parts of yourself that you have to be willing to give everyone full access to. Your moniker is just one of them.

Furthermore, keep pictures clean. No beer cans or martini glasses in the shot if you’re underage. You may think your profile is set to private, but companies these days are finding tricky ways around your privacy settings.

Most of our readers are smart enough to know these things already, but for the few of you who think “Smilez” is an appropriate middle name for your Facebook persona, we thought you should know you’re wrong.


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