Check Out These Purr-fect Nails

My favorite beauty treat is usually a $20 pedicure, particularly because it means alone time, during which I can relax as my feet soak in a bubbling bath. But I’ve never stared so lovingly at my colored piggies as I have at my Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Kitty, Kitty-adorned fingernails.

Last night, I applied the “real nail polish strips,” being sure to follow the directions that came in the little plastic package. First, you push back your cuticles, then you file and smooth your natural nails. Then, removing the clear plastic cover, the tab on top of the strip, and the paper backing, I carefully laid down the sticky side of the strip on my nailbed, smoothing it out as I went. Finally, I gently buffed away the excess part of the strip, leaving my nails beautifully spotted.

Normally by the morning after I’ve painted my nails, they’ve already started to chip. Not so with the Sally Hansen Salon Effects strips. And I’ve been opening packages, typing, and generally doing the things life requires of me. They come in 24 stylish shades, and at roughly $8.50 a pack, I can’t imagine a better beauty deal! – Rosella Eleanor LaFevre


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