Double the Lash Drama

Sometimes I stare into my boyfriend’s eyes and turn a little green with envy. And no, I don’t mean that his blue irises are turning me colors. It’s his lashes that inspire jealousy. They’re long and lush and perfectly black. Beautiful. And totally wasted on a man. All of my male cousins, who range in age from 2 to 30, have similarly stunning fringe.

What about us girls? While Elizabeth Taylor was graced with a double-set of lashes, which served her beautifully, most of us aren’t that lucky. If eyes are the windows to the soul, then lashes are the window treatments of the soul. And we want them to look great, don’t we? Here’s where Rimmel London’s Day-2-Night Mascara comes in handy.

The mascara has two applicators; one serves to lengthen the lashes while the second fatter brush adds volume. I used both applicators this morning, and while my lashes may not be quite as girl crush-inducing as Zooey Deschanel’s are in the ads, they are uncharacteristically gorgeous.

Having longer, thicker lashes has opened up my eyes and added a shine to them — or perhaps that’s just because I’m excited about how glamorous I feel today. Either way, this $7.99 mascara, which comes in Black or Extreme Black, is a must have. – Rosella Eleanor LaFevre


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