Item of the Day: Arthur David’s Name Necklace

Every now and then, and usually when we haven’t yet had coffee, we forget what our names are.

Okay, not really, but we’d like to think that owning an Arthur David sterling silver name necklace would really jog one’s memory in those caffeine-less moments.

And even if we never forget our names, these necklaces are still great. And we’re not going to lie, we’ve always wanted a nameplate necklace ever since Carrie Bradshaw.

This one, available through David’s magichandjewelry Etsy store, is only $28 with shipping. Let’s find that credit card…

2 responses to “Item of the Day: Arthur David’s Name Necklace

  1. I like it a lot. I personally want one.

  2. I ordered a sterling silver name necklace for my friend for $22 plus shipping from magichandjewelry on ebay. And I paid an extra $10 for it to be plated with the gold. I received the necklace in a month. It looked wonderful in its box. I bought this necklace for my friend for her friend on her birthday, and it arrived too early to give to her, so I put it away. Later, I opened the box. Jesus Christ! The necklace and the chain became dark. It was not even dark. It had all colors of the world, but not gold anywhere. I wrote to magichandjewelry that the quality was not satisfactory. But he (or she) wrote that the quality is good. I just have to clean it with a special polishing cloth. Are you kidding? Look at it: Is it possible to clean it with a cloth?! This necklace had never been worn. It was even never unboxed. So… I have no money, I have no present for my friend. But I have a big piece of shit. Big thanks to magichandjewelry. People, never buy anything from magichandjewelry. It’s a big fake of poor-poor quality.

    [EDITOR’S NOTE: Arthur David offered to make me a free item after I posted about his product, and he sent me a beautiful ring with my initials. I’ve worn it every day since receiving it in April 2011 and it’s still as beautiful as it was in the box. I’m sorry that this reader had an unfortunate experience with this artist, because I quite love his work. Order at your own peril, apparently.]

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