Talking to mark. Representative Sadie Howes

This is the third in a series of five interviews M.L.T.S. conducted with mark representatives across the country. mark., for those of you who don’t know, is an Avon company aimed at a younger clientele. Known for working with such celebrities as Lauren Conrad, the company is dedicated not only to  philanthropy, mark. is a company dedicated to helping college-aged girls make money and learn important business skills while they are in school. If you are interested in becoming a mark. representative, you can apply here.

Sadie Howes, a senior at The Johns Hopkins University, is a mark. representative.

M.L.T.S.: Can you tell us a little more about you? How old are you? Where do you go to school? What are you studying? Etc.

Sadie Howes: I am 21 years old and a senior at The Johns Hopkins University, in Baltimore MD. I am majoring in International Studies with a concentration in International Business, and minoring in Entrepreneurship and Management.

M.L.T.S.: How did you hear about the mark. program and get involved? How long ago was it that you got involved?

SH: I heard about the mark. program from my little in my sorority about two years ago. She was involved in their campus program at the time and talked to me about all the benefits from the program, which convinced me to become a part of it.

M.L.T.S.: What have you learned or accomplished while involved in the program?

SH: I have learned a lot of great professional skills, including how to run my own business, what my strengths and weaknesses are, and even how to effectively work with others. Among my other accomplishments, are sales team successes through the campus program (now mentor program), and I even landed a corporate internship in NYC! The internship was truly the experience of a lifetime. It taught me a lot about myself and about business. It is thanks to that internship that, now as a graduating senior, I know exactly what I want to do and have a strong vision for my future career.

On the more fun side of things, I have learned so much about make up! I am constantly asked to do make up for the girls in my sorority and other girls on campus. People regularly compliment me on my own makeup. I have followed the tips regularly provided to reps and through my internship, been able to learn more from in person interactions with celebrity makeup artists! I am now fearless when it comes to my look and will try anything. I especially love new colors!

M.L.T.S.: How do you think you’ll be involved with this in the next few years? Is this something that you’ve been told might lead to a full-time job later?

SH: For the time being mark. is something that I always have on the side. At anytime I can pursue it further or less based on my personal need. That being said, mark. has opened a number of doors for me and given me great opportunities. I would love to continue with it and could absolutely see myself working at mark. full time in the future.

M.L.T.S.: What’s your favorite part of this?

SH: My favorite part of the whole mark. experience was absolutely my internship in NYC. Getting to see all of the people who work hard to make mark. successful and getting the opportunity to understand the whole business was inspiring and motivating.

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