Item of the Day: CALYPSO St. Barth for Target Scarf

Summer vacation is almost here for most of us. For different people, this means different things. For some, it means a practically full-time work study job. For others, three days traveling to New York City for that coveted internship you scored (good going, chickie!). And for others, it means a summer of chilling beachside, maybe working a hostess job at the local restaurant or ice cream place. To these girls, we say, “Lucky you!”

Whether you’ll be at the beach or not, everyone deserves a little salt water blue and blinding white heat in their lives. Or should we say wardrobe? The CALYPSO St. Barth for Target® Tie Dye Silk Crinkle Scarf is our item of the day because just looking at it, we feel the joy that summer should bring, even if we’re stuck in Starbucks writing all the papers we have due next week.

The slightly sheer 100 percent silk scarf is 76 inches long, meaning you can wear it a multitude of ways and it just might help warm up your neck in the chilly air conditioned office you’ll be stuck in. And of course, the $19.99 scarf would look ah-mazing with your bikini and a fabulous pair of vintage Persol sunglasses, should you be able to sneak in a beach getaway! – Rosella Eleanor LaFevre


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