Go and Smell the Roses with this Lipgloss

For my first birthday, my Grammy gave my parents a rosebush which they planted in front of the house. All these years later, it’s still there and it still blooms from early May to late August or September. I love to stop and smell the roses on my way in and out of the house.

Now I’ve found a lipgloss that smells exactly like those luscious pink roses; Rimmel London’s Moisture Renew Lipgloss in Pink Remedy. Even on the darkest of days (we really don’t have much sunshine here in Philly as I write this), I can imagine the sun beating on my face — and with the lipgloss’ SPF15 protection, I won’t feel the burn on my lips.

The $6.47 lipgloss feels silky smooth on and nowhere near sticky. It’s almost addictive. It’s possible that part of the reason it’s so addictive is the need to feel that refreshing moisture boost, which leaves your lips a little parched after it’s worn off. Still, I love to smell those roses! – Rosella Eleanor LaFevre


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