Item of the Day: Ashleigh Christina Gold Arrow Quill Earrings

My father owns land in upstate Pennsylvania and not once but twice, the family dog was attacked by a porcupine. The first time, there were only a few quills. The second time, Dad had to drive the five hours home and visit the vet during off hours to have hundreds of quills removed. The procedure cost, I believe, $500.

For just $34, you can scoop up these Gold Arrow Quill Earrings by Los Angeles-based Ashleigh Christina. From a gold ear hook hangs a gold-plated bar and four balls, and a gold-tipped African porcupine quill. Many of the parts of these earrings are gold filled — meaning the color won’t rub off like with gold-plated pieces, although they will tarnish a little with age.

Too bad we didn’t remove those quills from the family dog ourselves. Instead of spending $500, we could have made that much. But anyway, who knew such beautiful pieces could me made with such a dangerous thing? Apparently, Ashleigh Chistina. Girl, we must say, you’re talented. – Rosella Eleanor LaFevre


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