Our Take on the Headlines

Microsoft to Acquire Skype (WSJ)
“Microsoft Corp. agreed Tuesday to buy Internet phone company Skype Technologies SA for $8.5 billion in cash—the most aggressive move yet by Microsoft to play in the increasingly converged worlds of communication, information and entertainment.” If only we’d created Skype!

Northwestern Won’t Offer Sexuality Class After Incident (WSJ)
“Northwestern University has decided not to offer a human-sexuality class in the next academic year after a professor allowed a couple to demonstrate the use of a sex toy.” Why is that so offensive? College students watch porn, play with sex toys. The professor warned it would be graphic and did not require that students attend, so what’s the big deal?

Daniel Radcliffe’s Post-‘Harry Potter’ Plans (HuffPo)
“What do you do after spending a decade as the world’s most powerful wizard, earning over $100 million in the most successful film franchise of all time and developing into one of the most beloved celebrities of your time? It may seem like a tough question, Daniel Radcliffe seems confident that he’ll be able to work his magic going into the future.” We’re not so sure why. Old Danny-boy isn’t really the best of actors, if you ask us.


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