Be Your Own Best Publicist Will Be Your Best Investment

My friend Ashley dropped out of nursing school and will now major in public relations. I’ve been getting into it lately, thinking of ways to promote Jessi Teich, a musician I fully support. Everything’s about PR these days. Or so it seems.

Perhaps this is because I’ve had my nose buried in Jessica Kleiman and Meryl Weinsaft Cooper’s new tome Be Your Own Best Publicit: How to Use PR Techniques to Get Noticed, Hired, and Rewarded at Work. It is one of the most informative books I’ve read in the past year (and during my stint as books editor for magazine, I read a lot of books) and certainly worth its $15.99 pricetag. In fact, for all the tips that can help you get ahead in school, at work, at your internship, it’s a steal.

Kleiman, the vice president of public relations for Hearst Magazines, and Cooper, managing director of the Home & Lifestyle Division at DeVries Public Relations, show readers how to build a press kit to promote their work, how to successfully pitch yourself (whether you’re seeking a new job or a promotion), the power of knowledge (about your company and its competitors, etc), and how to negotiate.

Full of suggested applications of classic PR techniques, wise words and prime examples, this is a book you can definitely learn from. Some of my favorite takeaways from Kleiman and Cooper’s book are:

– Whenever you have will have an audience, you should tailor your performance so that the audience is impressed with you. (100)

– The “soft sell” is where you gently remind people of your abilities by sharing your accomplishments. (127)

– Timing is everything. People like when you respond promptly to their communiques. Your boss will notice when you come in early and stay late. Beating deadlines looks really good. (133)

– You can’t make demands — you must always be able (and willing) to prove why you deserve something. (143)

– “Thank you” are two little words that mean a WHOLE LOT. (145)

Ultimately, you must be mindful of your image and keep people aware of your hard work and the results. The basic tenet of PR is keeping your product or services at the top of others’ minds and Be Your Own Best Publicist will show you just how to do that. – Rosella Eleanor LaFevre


2 responses to “Be Your Own Best Publicist Will Be Your Best Investment

  1. I must say this is a great article i enjoyed reading it keep the good work 🙂

  2. I’m hoping to branch into PR post graduate for a career. I’ll have to pick this up!

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