Do You Have the Time?

Editor-in-Chief Rosella Eleanor LaFevre test drives a Timex watch and finds it to be an absolute essential.

My father has quite the collection of watches. He has pocket watches, men’s watches, women’s watches. I only remember having owned about two in my short life: a Cinderella watch with Velcro closure (or was it Minnie Mouse?), and a silver and fake diamond watch with a white plastic strap. I wore out my kiddie watch and don’t know what ever became of the second.

Although I am a part of the generation that can still remember life without cell phones, I have come to depend on my BlackBerry for everything from phone calls and texts to email and Facebook updates. I also always use it to check the time. Although my phone’s internet connection isn’t always the best, Verizon’s time is the most reliable.

I wanted to see, though, how I’d do when given a watch to wear. Since last Saturday, I’ve been wearing a Timex Dress Crystals watch to see how it felt and if I could learn to check something other than my phone for the time.

Older generations of women still wear watches, but I hardly ever see a girl my age wearing one. My mother wears one every day, although she admits that sometimes she checks her phone for the time.

As soon as I slipped the genuine leather wristwatch, with its round cream face, rose gold hands and Swarovski crystal  studded bezel, I felt more mature. Now I felt like the “Fearless Editor” that Photo Editor Michele Elaine Hannon has proclaimed me to be. Only… I momentarily that I had to set the time on my new watch.

I wore it the next day, too, during our photo shoot with cover girl Jessi Teich. Although I glanced at it periodically, I still relied heavily on my phone for the time. Perhaps this is because, and even today, it takes me a second to realize what time I’m looking at. Like, “Let’s see… The short had is between that one line and the number 3 — okay, so it’s 2-something. Hmm, and the minute hand is just before the line before the number 9… It’s… It’s… It’s 2: 39!”

A little embarassing, no?

The following day, I forgot to put the watch on and all day while at my work study job, I turned my left wrist to see the time and wished I’d remembered my Timex. Since then, I’ve worn it every day.

Although I need to remind myself periodically to check my wrist for the time instead of my phone or the computer screen, I now believe that a watch is a crucial part of your jewelry wardrobe, and one of the most practical pieces you’ll ever wear.

While Timex is discontinuing the very watch shown above, I am a big fan of their Easy Reader style, available for a cool $35 (as opposed to the $90 you’d shell out for a Dress Crystals), and their Timex Modern Originals line is really stylish.

If you want to look like a serious job candidate or just want to feel like you’re on your way to a very important date, a watch is your best friend.


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