Tori + Ginger 4EVR

I recently had some gastro issues that have (thank goodness) been peacefully resolved. Essentially, I couldn’t keep food down for a few months and there was concern that I had developed a condition called gastroparesis, which means the body takes WAY too long to digest. During my period of regular vomiting, I found a new best friend in ginger. Ginger ale after dinner, ginger chews during car rides, continuing to eat the ginger that my mom didn’t want from her sushi (just because It’s delicious)- you name it, I ate it.

Having tried ginger in various forms, I knew it was “good for me” but didn’t understand exactly what it does. Here’s why it’s awesome (in no particular order).

1. It wards off even severe morning sickness.

2. It reduces arthritis pain because it contains a powerful natural anti-inflammatory compound called gingerols,

3. It reduces toothache discomfort/inflammation, because it is naturally antibacterial and antifungal.

4. It heals gallstones, because it triggers the release bile from the gall bladder, causing the stones to heal.

5. It lowers cholesterol.

6. It controls nausea & vomiting because it controls the movements of the gastrointestinal tract.

7. It boosts your immune system because it promotes healthy sweating which helps to clear your system.

8. It helps you avoid cancer because it’s an antioxidant

9. It is believed to help clear the mind because it tingles.

10. It smells delightful.

Since I know you’re craving some ginger now, I recommend you try Ginger People Caddy Chews, my absolute favorite way to consume the root.


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