Reasonable Role Models And Self Esteem

So ladies, I know that we all look around on the street and check out other women. We are constantly bombarded by images of a wide variety of females with different body types, skin colors, hair textures and talents, and all the input can be a little confusing. This is why I want to take a moment and tell everyone to focus.

With a million options out there, if we try to look sexy in the same way as every single famous girl that we like, we’re dooming ourselves to be unhappy. I have a  crush on Nicki Minaj, but I’m never going to feel badly about my own body because I don’t have a tiny waist and insane curves like her- she’s not a reasonable role model. Instead of plastering my mirror with pictures of unattainable goals (super skinny models when I was born athletic, for instance), I have learned to look up to women with body types more closely aligned with my own and to stop beating myself up for being muscular instead of waifish.

The key to attractiveness is really just feeling comfortable in your own skin- if the myriad of options for beautiful role models tells us anything, it’s that there will always be someone to find you sexy- it’s just a matter of loving yourself enough to exude the confidence that will make you irresistible- no matter what your size or shape.


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