Walk Like An Egyptian, Eat Like An Asian

The former just because it’s fun, the latter because it’s good for you.

By “eat like an Asian,” what I really mean is- try eating with chopsticks. Though it may be challenging at first, it’s a great way to slow yourself down when you eat. As someone who has had actual health problems related to the rapid inhaling of my food, I have found it extremely helpful to use chopsticks to force myself to eat one bite at a time, pausing in between to taste my food, digest, breathe etc. Going more slowly allows the body to process that it’s being fed, leading you to feel more full and eat less as a result. (Added bonus, taking your time makes you focus on what you’re eating and consequently enjoy it more).

Note: this method is not just for traditional Asian foods. I’ve been known to whip out the chopsticks with salads, fruit salad- pretty much anything that doesn’t require a spoon.

Give it a try, (and give me your feedback)! – Tori Marchiony


One response to “Walk Like An Egyptian, Eat Like An Asian

  1. I had never used anything but wooden chopsticks from the sushi place. But I liked it enough to go to the asian market and buy a pack of plastic ones. I love eating with them. They make dinner fun and interesting. Even though I have to endure my husbands laughs, it’s worth it. Glad I’m not the only one who prefers them to metal utensils.

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