Let It Go

By Nichole Fray

When do you let go?

Is it when you’re tired of crying? Is it when you’ve “said” that you were done, but didn’t really mean it? Seriously, when do you let go?

It took me a while to discover or should I say learn the answer to this question. The timing of letting go is different for every person, but when the time comes you’ll know. I try not to judge because it may take someone a day to let go or it may take someone a year. It sure as hell took me more than enough time, but the point is when the time came I knew and walked away with the heaviest weight lifted from me and the biggest burden removed from my heart.

When it all comes down to it, you let go of something or someone because it or he/she is just not good for you. Anything or anyone that is going to wear you down physically or emotionally is not good for your health and not worth your short time here on Earth. Everyone makes mistakes including myself, but after how many mistakes are you going to say to yourself enough is enough?

There’s this thing called a breaking point, the ultimate level of any hurt that one person can take. Once that breaking point is reached there is no turning back.

You’re going to cry.
You’re may feel sick.
You’re going to feel like your world just collapsed on top of you.

BUT it will all get better in time.

You’ ll wake up one morning or in the middle of the night with an amazing revelation, and the first chance you get you’re going to walk away.

Letting go has stages:

1.) Tell them you’re done (you didn’t mean it this time)
2.) Go back on your word (you let them back in)
3.) Cry
4.) Forgive again
5.) Cry/self pity
6.)Anger (this is good!)
7.) revelation
8.) strength
9.) walk away
10.) peace

If you don’t let go sooner or later no one is going to feel sorry for you besides yourself. And eventually even you wont feel sorry for you, because you’ll realize you’re placing yourself in the position to get hurt and you have no one else to blame. A person will only do to you what you allow them to. Stop letting them in and let your heart heal and be ready to open up to someone who is worth it! You can sit there and cry over them being the one and how you can’t let go when in reality the real one might be passing you by.

No one can tell you when to let go. You see, that question is only one you can answer its something you have to learn. You’ll feel it.

Just remember that life is too short and although we want forever it doesn’t exist, so re-evaluate the situation, take a deep breath, count to three and let go.


2 responses to “Let It Go

  1. thanks…it really helped…but try as I might, I still can’t let go of…
    it all comes back-stronger and harder and more painful, every time!!

  2. you can let go! it takes time….i have faith in you. trust me i’ve been there.

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