To Wax or Shave???

By Nichole Fray

Summer is here! It’s time to bring out the shorts and bikinis and hit the beach, But this of course requires some personal grooming ahead of time. Women are always faced with the dilemma of whether to shave or wax their bikini lines. We have to worry about shave bumps, allergic reactions to wax, the list goes on. So which one really gives you the best results?

Pros of shaving:

  • cheap
  • painless
  • convenient

Cons of shaving:

  • only lasts 1-3 days
  • shave bumps
  • soreness
  • nicks/cuts
  • ingrown hairs

Pros of waxing:

  • lasts 3-6 weeks
  • leaves area smooth

Cons of waxing:

  • can be extremely painful
  • expensive if you don’t do it yourself
  • continual waxing can affect the re-growth of your hair

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