“La Yogurt” Tastes Just Like…

Aspertame. Gross.

I’m usually hesitant to hate on anything, but after reading Michael Pollan‘s (author of Omnivours’ Dilemma) rules for a healthy diet I’ve been more and more hesitant to eat foods with a million ingredients that I can’t pronounce and that was more likely made in a plant than from plants. This being said, I thought I should still give “La Yogurt” a try since it’s only 90 calories and is supposedly full of good bacteria to keep you..ahem, regular. Well, dear readers, I’ve saved you an unhappy experience if you heed my warning. This stuff literally tastes like chemicals, the texture is weird and its benefits are definitely not worth the unpleasantness.

As an alternative low-calorie option I recommend Wawa’s brand of non-fat yogurt which is absolutely delicious. If you’re looking for a great greek yogurt for some protein, give Faje a try (peach is my favorite).

*Note: If you aren’t currently located anywhere with a Wawa nearby, I apologize for constantly reminding you of how much you’re missing out, but it numbers high on my list of passions in life and will likely continue to appear in my posts.


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