Never been a fan one way streets

By Nichole Fray

Let me begin by saying I have never been a fan of one way streets, literally and metaphorically speaking.
When you look at the idea of one way streets in the literal sense, you can imagine turning down a bunch of different other one way streets just to get to one destination.

When you look at it metaphorically its like you find yourself alone. In a situation involving two people whether relationship wise or other wise, a one way street just won’t cut it. There’s supposed to be two lanes, one for each person, traveling in opposite directions to meet each other halfway. We’ll call that halfway mark “the destination.”

Either way, never been a fan of them!

Question: If the two people are traveling in the same direction, one behind the other, or perhaps there’s some cars in between, how will they both reach “the destination” at the same time?

Answer: They won’t

A one way street, metaphorically speaking, is what exists when only one side of the two person party is putting in a two way street effort. It’s impossible for two people to coincide next to each other on a one way street, impossible to reach the “destination.” If two continue traveling on a one way street, one will always reach the “destination” before the other. And when they do they’re left waiting for the other to arrive, and if the person wasn’t right behind them on the one way street, when will that be? Perhaps they were 20 cars behind you, or did they decide to take another one way street which would land them at a “different destination?”

So now you see the issues I have with one way streets….too many questions not enough answers… always ahead the other 10 steps behind.

One way streets……never been a fan of them.

Photo courtesy of Bike Blog


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