Bosu Balls Are The Devil (In A Good Way)

As you may remember, I had my first session with my new trainer and old acquaintance Habby, this Tuesday. His motto is “if you don’t hate me tomorrow, I’m not doing my job,” and though we started modestly, he definitely made me resent him during certain parts of the workout.

I felt her pain

The standout moment of hell came from a little tool called the Bosu ball, which is essentially half of an exercise ball with a flat, hard plastic surface. After doing several sets of squats in the beginning of our session, Habby then had me balance on the Bosu in a squat. Then, he handed me a 15 lb. Kettle bell and told me to do squats up and down with it in my hands. Initially, he told me to do 10 reps, but after 3 my legs were shaking so badly he thought I was going to fall off and only had me do 5. I consider myself to be a relatively fit person, but my legs were literally threatening to fall out from under me. That ball is no joke.

So why did it hurt so much? The combination of the squat itself, balancing, and holding the extra weight puts a huge amount of stress on the body. The core, arms, and of course, legs, are all totally engaged and being challenged throughout the exercise. Just standing on the Bosu ball engages the core, so doing any sort of dynamic move will inevitably get the blood pumping (and the legs shaking)

Moral of the story: get to your gym, find a spotter, and get on a Bosu. It’s hard, but incredibly rewarding (my quads feel awesome).


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