The Doctor Women Dread

By Nichole Fray

It is not uncommon for any person to have a phobia. I personally have a rather unique one and I know I’m not alone. I have a phobia of the gynecologist. Pap smears and annual pelvic exams are just two things I cannot get used to in my routine of life. I’ve tried to close my eyes and talk to myself to remain calm, but I almost always end up freaking out. My fear is out of the discomfort the examination causes me, but for other women it’s deeper than that. A lot of discussion boards on the web surrounding this topic reveal a lot of women have been sexually abused by their gynecologists.  A woman should never fear a doctor’s appointment because of the doctor.

As women our annuals are very important as a part of  cervical cancer prevention, so we can’t let anything get in the way of these appointments. As hard as it may be women abused by their doctors need to report them immediately and find a new one they can trust, and well people like me just have to swallow their fear in the name of staying healthy.

Fact: The greatest single reason for the occurrence of cervical cancer is not having Pap smears according to recommended guidelines.”

Photo courtesy of Vagina Mono-blogs 


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