Whey Powder

Hi, I’m Tori, and I don’t eat enough protein.

I tend to eat like a rabbit when I can get away with it. Now that I’ve added rigorous workouts with Habby twice a week to biking and lifting on my own, my body quickly started shutting itself down. After my first week of training, I spent all day Sunday on the couch, unable to get up without getting dizzy.

When I talked to Habby about the problem, he told me that even if I don’t like eating meat, it’s crucial that my body gets enough protein. Without protein, my body had used all of its resources to stay moving- that’s why I hadn’t had any next day muscle soreness; my muscles weren’t actually growing because they weren’t able to repair themselves.

Since Tuesday, I’ve been putting one spoonful of chocolate Whey Powder (less than $15 at Trader Joe’s) in the milk with my Kashi every morning and have already seen an incredible difference. My energy has increased, I feel stronger, and my muscles are sore after yesterday’s session.

Whey powder is not just a great tool for body builders (I’m not trying to get buff, I assure you)- it’s good for anyone who needs an extra boost.


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