Rebecca Black to Release Second Video; We Roll Our Eyes

Rebecca Black's "My Moment"

Rebecca Black's "My Moment" will be released next Monday.

Did you happen to catch the monotone musical stylings of Rebecca Black on her video, “It’s Friday”? If not, lucky you.

Black, who is now 14, and the video for which Mommy Black paid $4,000 blew up the weekend before the venerable Elizabeth Taylor died. Now, she’s releasing a second single and video next Monday.

This song will be called “My Moment,” and is directed by Morgan Lawley, who has also directed Barbie commercials. Lawley uses footage from Black’s life, pre- and post-viral video success…

Ok, we can’t keep writing about this like we actually take it seriously. Here at M.L.T.S. Magazine, we believe in working hard to get what you want and this talentless girl has not.

We hope you won’t be watching her second video. We sure as hell won’t be.


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