I Bet You Haven’t Thought About THIS Lately

Lower Back edition.

So ladies, I know we’re all into our abdominal workouts.  I personally pride myself on going pretty hard, particularly with my lower abs. Recently however, I’ve been feeling a little lopsided. This is because while I’ve been paying a lot of attention to the muscles in the front of my body, I’ve been neglecting the flip side and as a result have felt like I was going to fold over when I stand up.

It’s crucial that the body maintain balance, and in the case of the abs, that means making sure that you work your back out enough that you have the strength to support all the nice muscle you’re building on the front.

My favorite lower back exercise involved a simple lift on an exercise ball and is explained step by step here (with pictures!). If you’re looking for an added challenge, you can also hold weights behind your head as you do the move.
I’ve been incorporating this into my routines with about 3 sets of 15-20 repetitions and am already feeling the results. 


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