I Found It! I Found It! The Elixir of Life!

Its name is chayanprash, and it is a a brown paste-y, sweet, sour and spicy Ayruvedic healing tonic that balances your doshas!

I know I just said a lot of crazy words there, so I’ll take a moment to explain. My mother works at an alterntive, holistic healing center and she brings home all sorts of interesting medicines and herbs, but this one got my attention for its very long list of health benefits.

Oh yeah, and it balances your doshas- the three principle types that make up your total health in Aryuvedic healing (so balancing them is a good thing!) Aryuvedic healing is a traditional system of medicine from ancient India that is practiced by some of the practitioners at the Center for Oneness where my mom works.

Chyavanprash is a brown paste made from anywhere between 25 and 80 different herbs (depending on the brand you choose) and can be taken in 1-2 teaspoon doses daily either after breakfast or after dinner. It can be spread on toast or crackers, mixed with milk or water, or taken plain.

Due to the mix of ingredients ranging from bamboo to lotus flower to asparagus, the taste and texture is not for everyone. This, however is one of those situation where I must hold my nose and swallow it anyway, because its list of health benefits is extensive. Some of them are:

  • Eases constipation and promotes good digestion (when taken regularly)
  • Naturally high in vitamin C, which aids respiratory illness and fends off the common cold
  • Beneficial to the heart and the brain cells. It is considered a memory booster.
  • Antioxidant
  • Fights bacterial skin infections (including acne)
  • Promotes the absorption of calcium, which improves teeth and bone strength
  • Improves muscle tone by enhancing protein synthesis
  • Keeps menstruation regular and enhances fertility

The moral of the story- go try some of this crazy healing tonic! I’ve been using it every morning for about a week (mixing it up with the almond milk in my cereal to help it go down) and I definitely feel healthier and more in balance.

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