Juggling School & Relationships

Written By: Khadijah

For most college students juggling anything at all is not an easy task. For us to think that we can juggle school and relationships is just an after thought. School in itself takes some time and effort, and relationships take ALL of your time and effort. Many issues that couples have trouble with are schedules, sexual stamina and libido, communication and lets face it we all need a bit of anger management. Relationships aren’t easy to maintain even when its the only thing you have going on. When you get to college its a whole different fucking ball game. You have hot guys that you have to see everyday, gorgeous women who know they are gorgeous and just go around flaunting it, parties, drugs and alcohol. Parties, drugs and alcohol the awesome Trifecta!  And we aren’t talking about horse betting here. We all know what parties, drugs and alcohol lead to right? Orgies of course! Just don’t make it a habit, you have school in the morning! Definitely don’t make it a habit if you are juggling a relationship with school, you will have one less thing to juggle. But along with those you may have other activities that consume your time. You may have a job, you may have joined a few clubs taking on more responsibilities that also take time.

The part of college that many kids forget about is that this is where you become an adult. As an adult you must learn that communication is key.  Sit down with your partner draft a schedule, if you think that it takes the spontaneity out of the relationship then you must simply make time. If your friends that you see everyday want to go out and you haven’t seen your partner all week, think of which is more important , getting fucked up at the bar or getting fucked at home? Jessica P from Philadelphia said: “My boyfriend and I did sit down and just plan out how much time wasn’t enough.  I had been seeing him here and there during the week, for a time that added up to about 5 hours. Five hours a week is not enough time for us so we decided to give each other our weekends. We catch up with the happenings of the week talk about our goals and plans for the upcoming week and have as much sex as possible.” I think its a great Idea and an awesome way to compromise. It’s always great to let your partner know that you are willing to make things work. We know that a hectic school week can also transfer into an angry weekend.  We have studying to do and we still haven’t relaxed from the days that we have been in class all damn day. Lets try not to take that out on the boyfriend ladies. Lets keep our anger in check.  Instead of saying ” get your fucking penis away from my mouth before I snap it in half.” you could instead try saying ” can I take a little time for myself and then I promise to suck you like an Everlasting Gobstopper.” Just that bit of enthusiasm can go along way.

So, just so that we understand let me give you the rules

#1: Communicate

#2: Don’t be angry, be patient and pleasant and he/she will understand

#3 Schedule your life

#4 Make sure the boom boom goes down at least a couple of time a week or else its possible for your partner to find comfort in other places, that could be added stress for you both

#5 Make time for your partner. Let them know that you appreciate them. People are not ornaments, treat them as if they matter and are not just a seasonal fixture. Let them know that you value them in your life and show it in your actions. Love them and let them love you and the rest will work itself out.

One response to “Juggling School & Relationships

  1. You speak the truth! I have a sort of schedule of who I see when like so and so I see after class Monday’s and it just helps me out. Don’t get me wrong random plans get made but between work, school and sleeping… planning rocks. Great advice and funny! Can’t wait for the next one 🙂

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