Rice, Rice Baby

A haiku dedicated to my favorite snack. I call this piece, “Rice Cakes.”

“I Love My Rice Cakes,

And Oh My They Do Love Me,

Perfect snack inside.”

I hope that wasn’t too uncomfortable for you, but I was trying to get across my deep love for this magical food. Why, you may ask? Because they’re everything a snack should be. Here’s why:

1. Available in a multitude of varieties, including gluten free and brown rice so a healthy option for pretty much anyone.

2. Low in calories (35-60 ea.)

3. Naturally bland, meaning that they allow you to put whatever delicious crap you want on them. (My favorite is humus and tomato or smushing and spreading half a banana on top. Jelly, peanut butter and pretty much anything else you can think of work too.)

4. Crunchy, so your body recognizes that it’s eating and responds accordingly (read as; it’ll fill you up a lot more than most low-calorie foods).

5. Light, so it won’t weigh you down when you eat in the middle of the day.

6. Mellow, in that they will never upset your stomach.

7. Affordable. You can either buy the super-delicious, super-fancy, more-expensive Quaker brand caramel flavored rice cakes (which I actually do recommend, they’re awesome) or the super-cheap store brand without very pretty packaging. The beauty of rice cakes (when you’re buying the plain ones at least) is that they’re really hard to mess up.

Have I sold you? Good. Go buy some!


One response to “Rice, Rice Baby

  1. Rice cakes recieve a lot of flack. Well, that just means more rice cakes for those us who actually enjoy them!

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