Powerade Zero, The Drink of [Skinny] Champions

It’s a sports drink! It’s zero calories! It’s colorful! It keeps you hydrated!

Made by: Coca Cola Company

Flavors: Mixed berry (blue), strawberry (pink), grape (purple), lime (green), and orange (guess). At one point there was fruit punch which was red, but it seems to have been discontinued.

Calories: ZERO

Sugars: ZERO

Tastes like: Liquid jello, which is the consistency of water (this is really the best way I can describe it.

Note: This isn’t that good for you, but as far as sports drinks go, I’m a big proponent of keeping things as low-calorie as possible. The awesome thing is that you can drink Powerade Zero randomly during the day, and not be wasting calories when you’re not working out. For when you are exercising, the salts give you a little extra boost, which I think is an ideal compromise.

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