MY BUSIEST YEAR: I Can’t Stand Still

I have never been good at sitting still. From what family has always told me, I was a fidgety kid. In elementary school I loved making friends with everyone on the playground and even remember starting an unofficial ‘Swing Club’, where I showed the kids how to do crazy things on the swing set. I also was involved in girl scouts, because I just loved the idea of being part of a group. By middle school, there were real clubs to join. Plays to be in, choirs for me to be part of.

Then came high school, and my desire to be involved in everything really started to flourish. By the time I had graduated, I had been part of all five school choirs, did both stage crew and acted in our drama department, I was involved in the telecom department, wrote for the school paper the year they had it, was the co-president of the school GSA and some things I don’t even remember. I was the kid that everyone asked if there was something I wasn’t involved in. It became a big part of who I was.

I assumed college would be just the same, so when I got to the end of my freshmen year and realized I was only in one club for fun and hadn’t done anything else outside of class, I honestly felt a little lost.

Despite the confusion and madness that comes with being involved in everything, it was something I’d grown so accustomed to, and being without it carved a hole in my life. I felt like I was giving up on part a part of what made me, me.

Sophomore year, I told myself things were going to change and slowly but surely, I got involved in more things. I tried doing more with my film company, I started working with Rosella on this little thing called M.L.T.S. (which if you’re reading this now, you know it’s grown to be a lot more than a little thing) and I got something I’d been wanting for years…

I got a position as an RA for my junior year. That was the crowning achievement of it all. I just knew going into it that junior year was going to be the year. I was going to get back to who I was.

And now, three weeks into junior year, I’m realizing that I’m not back to who I was, but I’m actually even better. I’m becoming more skilled at balancing, I’ve become more confident in my abilities, and I’m doing way more this year that I ever have.

This is going to probably be the most hectic year of my life, but I could not be more thrilled. Keeping my head screwed on will probably have its bad days, but I know in the end, when I come out of the school year with a resume that’s made of rainbows, that it will have all been worth it. So what am I up to? Let’s list:

1. I’m an RA

2. I take 16 credit hours

3. I work at my building’s front desk

4. I am the photo editor (and most recently, a blogger) for M.L.T.S. magazine

5. I’m in a paranormal investigative society called T-Lights

6. I am joining the Temple Film Collective

7. I’m starting a show choir with a friend of mine

8. I run a film production company that this coming year has two feature documentaries, one narrative feature, a web show, and several short films in the works.

Phew. As you can see, I’ll be keeping myself occupied. Which brings me to my close. Why am I even writing these blog posts when I’ve got so much going on? Because the written word is a passion for me, a passion unlike any other. Writing keeps me together.

In addition, I’m really realizing that life is a balancing act, a balancing act I am ever learning more about. This year, with so much going on, I’m going to need to find a way to get everything done while not losing my head, and I think sharing what I’m going through trying to do it all will be good for me. And on top of that, I feel with that sharing my venture to balance it all with young women who are in the same boat as me can prove beneficial for them too.

Many of us who are in college, especially those pursuing creative endeavors, are always working to better ourselves. We’re all trying to get through life without just going through the boring motions of a routine. We’re all trying to find joy in what we do, trying to find piece of mind in the fact that all of the insane amounts of work we do now are going to pay off in the long run.

I think by chronicling that adventure for others will make what’s going to be the busiest year of my life, a year worth getting through.

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