I’ve always found it interesting to look at how people define their days. Mondays are automatically awful, Fridays are party nights, Tuesdays are the day of the week no one seems to notice, and Saturdays are days where you want to do nothing but relax. These are the socially accepted days of the week. And what I find more interesting, is how strange people find it when you don’t follow the comonly accepted weekly routine.

I say this because both last week, and yesterday, I found myself spending my Friday working, doing homework late into the night. The same for Saturdays. So many people ask how my weekend was, and when I tell them I spent it doing work, they seem utterly shocked. “Why would you be doing all that work on the weekend!?” Well really the answer is simple. When else am I going to have time to do it?

My Monday through Thursday is so packed I scarcely know what to do with myself. Monday and Wednesday  it’s class, work, meetings, Tuesday & Thursday I have four classes almost back to back. So where in there am I supposed to complete my homework? When am I to sit down and make up a meeting plan for my film company? My weekends, which are my only ‘free time’, end up getting consumed by work.

Do I miss being able to kick back and do nothing on a Saturday night? Sure. Though does this mean I never have ANY time to myself? Not necessarily. I may not spend my days lounging about, but I do usually take some time out of my weekend nights (and sometimes weekdays, though that is probably a bad idea) to kick back for two hours and watch a movie with my residents. Movies are always my escape, so it seems only fitting that what little spare time I have is spent watching them.

But those moments of losing myself in a good movie aside, my weekends have become full of work because I have to start getting better at managing my time. All of the things I want to keep myself involved in require my attention, so if I can’t fit it in during the week, I’m really okay with taking my weekend time to do it. If it wasn’t something I loved, I wouldn’t watse the effort when with so much going on, effort is such a precious commoditiy.

So yes, I’ll take the funny looks for studying on a Friday. My film homework might not be a some epic college party, but it is one stepping stone I’m laying down for the road work to a more organized and overal better future for myself, and I think that’s definitely something I can live with.


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