Did You Know?

Random health facts you’ve probably never thought about before.

-It’s important to switch your pillowcase once every few days. A dirty pillowcase is almost guaranteed to clog your pores, and with all the stress of college life, you shouldn’t have to worry about what’s going on when you finally do get to sleep.

Sitting up straight burns calories by engaging the abdominal and back muscles. Good posture also makes you look longer and leaner.

-You always get as much out of movement as you put in. What does this mean to you? Whenever you’re moving, give it your all– stretch extra far when you’re cleaning the counters,  walk like you’re late, run up the stairs like someone is chasing you…you get the idea.

Play. Instead of winding down by watching TV, play around- whether it’s a game of frisbee, getting on your bike, dancing in your bedroom- get yourself moving as a way to relieve the stress of a long day (it works!)

Be cheap. Go out of your way to get to the grocery store with the better deals, even if it’s farther away. Walk to a meeting instead of taking the subway two stops. Eat like you’re on a budget (read as: eat less and buy nice produce rather than buying six bags of bugles)

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