The Domestic Workout

Did you know that being a domestic goddess can make you as look as good as the house you’re cleaning? I won’t even delve into backyard work (mostly because we don’t have backyards to worry about here in the city, but also because they’re more obviously rigorous than indoor chores).

In 30-minute intervals, this is how much you burn doing the following chores (according to

  • Scrubbing the bath = 200 calories
  • Carrying heavy shopping bags = 190 calories
  • Making beds = 130 calories
  • Cleaning windows = 125 calories
  • Washing dishes by hand = 160 calories (if you live in 1300 and don’t have a dishwasher like me, this should be exciting news)
  • Vacuuming = 90 calories. (This calculation does not take dancing into consideration, which, in my opinion is an integral part of the vacuuming experience)
  • Dusting = 50 calories (but really, it’s dusting, what did you expect?)
  • Ironing = 70 calories

So some of these aren’t the most efficient calorie-burners, but they are helpful motivators to consider the next time you’re dreading doing your housework. Clean house–> happy roommates–> happy state of mind–> the more likely you are to get to the gym–> a healthier you.

Win. Win. Win.


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