Item of the Day: Costume Dept Floral Leggings

Part of being the most stylish woman you can be is to take fashion risks. They may or may not work, but it is important to remember that fashion should be fun. Whether this means you test out a new hair color or style, splurge for that notice-me sequin top, or don a unique fashion-forward item that your boyfriend just doesn’t get… why not go for it? With this in mind, today’s item of the day is a cool pair of floral leggings, found on These funky leggings, for $55, will look great with a black boyfriend sweater and oxford flats, or paired with a black silk tunic and booties. So come on, ladies, lets dare to wear floral leggings! -Hillary Biggs


4 responses to “Item of the Day: Costume Dept Floral Leggings

  1. Love floral leggings but not for $55 a pair.

  2. I agree that $55 is a little steep for an item you may not get a lot of use out of. However, cheap leggings look cheap because they lose their shape and their elasticity easily. I think it is better to splurge a little for leggings that will last through more wears/washes.

  3. A little steep? Splurge a little?

    80% nylon 20% elastane – more pantyhose than leggings, and hardly a vast difference in fabric quality to justify the price between these and leggings in general. ‘Cheap’ leggings as you like to put it, though I didn’t mention a price range of what I thought was acceptable, will lose shape and elasticity depending on their fabric content, same goes for any price leggings. For example, mixes with cotton. The old fashioned lycra leggings will last years. Spandex high content will last a couple of years average even if worn a lot, if looked after though bobbling is a high risk. However, many of the fashion leggings of today have fabrics that retain their shape and in many cases, their sheen, due to petrochemicals and poly-nylon-spandex mixes. The ones that are actually cheap will probably rip or become baggy because of the fabric content and the laziness of females nowadays who don’t the meaning of hand washing or looking after their clothes anymore, but there are plenty of cheap-mid range ones that will last ages in decent-good condition. It’s not hard to take care of clothes, even cheap ones.

    As for $55 for a pair of leggings well if someone has money they want to burn…

    Higher price doesn’t necessarily mean higher quality.

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