Beauty and Fashion News – New Blogger!

Hi guys!

My name is Francisco Ovalle, and I will be your new Beauty and Fashion News Blogger! I’m very excited to lead you gals into the right direction: toward buying the best beauty products and informing you on the latest fashion news. I mean, what is fashion without beauty?

I would first like to start by letting you know how I got, ahem, obsessed with beauty products. It all started this past summer when I did my (AH-mazing) Fashion and Beauty Internship at People en Español Magazine. I have to confess that before this summer beauty was not a subject I knew much about. My editor, Maria “Kika” Rocha, is the leading Fashion and Beauty editor in the Spanish market, and one of the top in the English market (She was featured in Women’s Wear Daily alongside Teen Vogue, ELLE, and others). She is like a beauty encyclopedia! Everything you need to know, she will know and she taught me everything I know. Every-single-day she shared tips, made me memorize products and every time a new product came in, she told me all about it – – why it was the best product or not, and which ones were the best brands. It got to the point were I became obsessed  with my skin! I mean, if you guys only knew how horrible the sun is to our skin. Horrible, I say.

And well, thanks to her, I am now a Beauty junkie. I am all over the beauty products! From everyday moisturizer, to cleansers, to serum, to spot correctors, to sunscreen, to….just every product out there. If you gals see my “beauty counter” you would gasp. Seriously!  P.S: Follow her! @KikaRochaModa

Oh and how can I forget social media? Yes, social media has made me a beauty junkie. It’s all thanks to the one and only Eva Chen! She is the Beauty and Health Director at Teen Vogue. She is HUGE in social media – – Twitter, and Tumblr specifically.  She has talked, advised, and discussed so many products, suggestions and “how-tos” that I just could not stop following. My first advice to you is, well, follow her on twitter! Trust me, you will not regret it. Plus, she’s hilarious. @evachen212

And, well, that’s it. That is how I became a beauty junkie. Please feel free to comment, email, or anything to ask me any questions on beauty and fashion news!

Look out for my next post, I will write up a beauty routine that fits everyone! Yes, including boys.

Stay beautiful! xoFr


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