Item of the Day: Yellow Jasper Ring

I have power back! It has been a long couple of days without the ability to browse the fashion blogs, online shop, and… oh yeah, take a hot shower! I’m clean again and back on the hunt for items of the day.

I have to admit that I am the type of person who wears cocktail rings during the day. I don’t know whether it is an attempt to channel Rachel Zoe or simply a love for things that sparkle. Either way, today I bring you the $38 Yellow Jasper Ring from the exceptional jewelry website Baublebar.comThe pale yellow stone is a uniquely pretty hue that will complement any outfit. The combination of metallics in this piece also adds to its versatility. Most importantly, this statement ring is subtle enough, (at least by my standards), to wear before AND during cocktail hour. -Hillary Biggs


One response to “Item of the Day: Yellow Jasper Ring

  1. I have a fetish for giant rings. Sort of.

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