Gloria Cain: Supportive Wife or Sell-out?

Herman Cain, who is running for the Republican Presidential nominee amidst personal scandal, with his wife, Gloria Cain. (

Unconditional love is all we ever ask for. Unfortunately, there are people who go entire life times without ever experiencing it. However, just like any other aspect in life, a question of morals comes into play. There is nothing wrong with standing by your loved one’s side through thick and through thin. As a matter of fact, it is strongly encouraged. Yet, I’m sure that those in favor of unconditional loyalty and support wouldn’t approve if they knew that scandal and illegal activity was involved.

Gloria Cain, wife of Herman Cain (Republican Presidential candidate) has stood by her husband’s side unconditionally. However, love and support should not overpower your moral standards when it comes to whether sexual harassment allegations are acceptable or not. Various sources have described Gloria Cain as the ideal politician’s wife; even after taking her absence from his campaign into consideration. What I want to know is if she’s a real woman or a puppet. It doesn’t take much to be a housewife, but there is a problem if you let your commitment to your husband cloud your right mind. One thing that I do know, however, is the fact that these sexual harassment allegations being from the 90’s proves one thing.  No matter how much money you have or how famous you are, eventually your dirt will catch up with you.  Also, the confidentiality agreement that one of the two accusers were required to sign as a part of their settlement doesn’t do much for Herman Cain’s image.

Supporting your husband is respectable, but not at the expense of other women’s safety or well being. I find it very disappointing that as soon as a woman accuses a man in power of sexual harassment or rape, she is viewed by many as a liar or an opportunist. These feelings of contempt are unfair and represent a woman’s true value in this country. Honestly, there is a serious problem when other women host these feelings with no proof of false accusations. There is nothing worse than women hating women and when minorities groups submerge in “divide and conquer” mindsets, this only results in limited power and unity amongst themselves. Women turning against women inevitably enable misogynist forces in society to strive for the oppression of women; even to this day.

No matter what your race, class, or political differences may be, you should always focus on the fact that you are a woman first. The small differences are simply irrelevant when it comes to the big issues. And no matter what, you shouldn’t compromise your morals for anyone. You should always do what you know is right. Even if you have a shiny new politician on your arm.

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