How to Get In Shape On Campus

Thanksgiving is coming, which means it’s time to put a little extra effort into keeping everything tight before you loosen your belt next week. Here’s how to make the most of the fitness opportunities on campus.

These guys love the idea of you exercising

  • Group fitness classes at the school gym- most universities offer group fitness classes for free. Find one that interests you, grab a friend and try it out! Worst case scenario, you’ll have bonding time with one of your girls (or boys). Best case, you end up with a new favorite class!
  • Low-balling for private trainers in their upper years of kinesiology- everyone wants the opportunity to practice their skills. Kinesiology, athletic training, physical therapy- these are all majors where people may be aspiring to be a personal trainer. Find one of them, and offer them $10 an hour to train you. They get an education and a few bucks, and you save big money on personalized workouts.
  • Groupon fitness classes in the city- sites like LivingSocial, Groupon and RueLaLa offer great deals on a variety of goods and services in the city. Make yourself a wish list of anything physical that you’d like to try, and whenever it pops up take advantage of it! Lower prices, lower commitment, and a ton of opportunities make it easy to push yourself into trying new things.
  • Bike or walk farther than is most convenient – if you’re running late, skip this, but if you’ve got time, (and the weather is OK- no sniffles, please) take the stairs to the fifth floor where your class is, go the long way to work, or bike instead of getting on the subway
  • Club/ intramural sports– a cheap, non-competitive way to learn new skills, meet people and stay active
  • Elective classes– take a physical class like yoga or dance to work exercise into your schedule on a regular basis for Spring semester.

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