Item of the Day: Metallic Thread Sweater

For a more relaxed, casual Thanksgiving look, I would go for a uniquely special sweater. I particularly like this metallic thread sweater from Zara, for just $49.99! For the holiday, pair this sweater with straight leg trousers, as they’ve done, or a pair of dark wash, wide leg jeans. After the festivities, wear it with leggings for a casual weekend look or throw it over a silky dress with boots for a pretty daytime look. -Hillary Biggs


3 responses to “Item of the Day: Metallic Thread Sweater

  1. I love your style! Maybe I’m a cheap ass, but I’d like to see you post finds that are less expensive. It would be awesome to see what we could buy that’s stylish and doesn’t break the bank. But again, it could just be me. I don’t have much in the bank. 😉

    • I keep the items under $100, and try to find things that are worth the price tag- like this sweater, which I think is so versatile and easy to wear. However, I totally understand where you are coming from, as I am a poor college student without a penny in my pocket. I will definitely try my best to find more stylish pieces for even lower prices, but the best way to find deals is on sale items!

  2. That’s true! I need to be more aware of sales, haha.

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