The Obligatory Thanksgiving Post

It’s that time again- the holiday built for binge eating. As you sit down to the annual Thanksgiving feast with your family or friends or whomever you celebrate with, remember this tip:

Enjoy this meal like it only comes once a year.

Often, a big issue with Thanksgiving (at least in my house) is that the excitement of the holiday makes people

  • a) Compete for food and thus…
  • b) Indulge too quickly
  • c) Live up to expectations of over-eating

The best way to combat the speed-eating-turned-tryptophan-coma is to go slowly. Relish every bite. Go ahead, eat whatever you want. It’s a holiday, and  you don’t need to stress as much about one day as US Weekly would have you believe. The key is really just to focus on the meal, the company, and enjoy yourself. If you’re lucky enough to be from a family where eating isn’t a competative sport, you’re probably already in good shape for this.

The moral of the story- it’s not about how much you’re eating, it’s about how you’re eating. Chew, don’t inhale, and enjoy your Thanksgiving break!


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