Hillary Biggs’ 10 Tips to Improve Your Style

Try a pair of nude pumps, a bold statement necklace and a little black dress.

1. Fit is it. Arguably the most important piece of advice about styling is that your clothes should fit properly. If your clothes are too tight, you risk looking like you are stuffed into your garments. If your clothes are too loose, you can appear unpolished and actually seem bigger than you really are.

2. Silhouette Sense. Once you have the right fit, the next goal is to flatter your figure. The ideal silhouette is the hourglass, which is achieved by emphasizing the waist. Try wearing a printed wrap dress, which is not only flattering on many body types but also is professional. Or try an interesting belt paired with a high-waisted skirt to show off a small waist.

3. Perks of proportions. An outfit looks best when there is a balance between voluminous and figure-hugging pieces. A loose top over a loose bottom looks sloppy, and a tight head-to-toe ensemble can scream promiscuous. However, the proportions of, say, skinny jeans paired with a flowy tunic or blouse are just right.

4. Color code. No matter your personal style, it is essential to find hues that complement your skin tone and hair color. Complexions are often divided into four categories, labeled after the seasons. This division is based on whether you have blue or yellow undertones in your skin. Hold garments up to your face before you buy them to determine if they make you glow or make you drab. If you’re not sure, try asking a salesgirl or trusted friend. Otherwise, you can determine your skin color – as well as complementary hues for clothing – online.

5. Invest in a little black dress. This tip is as old as the LBD itself, but it truly is the most versatile and trustworthy piece in a woman’s closet. When choosing an LBD, forget embellishment and focus on fit. Once you have the perfect dress, you can easily add accessories to change up and amplify the look.

6. Layer up. Selecting a jacket that fits and flatters is equally as important as finding an LBD. I find the blazer is the best option for most women, because it nips at the waist creating the aforementioned, covetable hourglass shape. Stylist Angela Hastings agrees, saying, “An amazing, classic, well-tailored blazer can transform any outfit to something elevated and something professional. You can mix and match it as a suit, with a skirt, or with something more funky underneath it.”

7. Go nude. The classic nude pump has been ubiquitous in recent years, which is good news for women of every shape and size. Wearing nude hued footwear can lengthen the leg line, making us appear taller and thinner. A big part of the fit and flatter mantra is to play tricks (like this) on the eyes!

8. Show it off. Everyone has something that they love about their bodies, whether it is your great legs, your slender arms, a teeny tiny waistline, or sexy décolletage. Whichever feature you are most proud off, show it off! Find a slinky tank to flaunt your toned arms. Hike up the hemline for a night out to emphasize your gams. Sport a (tasteful) v-neck to draw attention to the bust. If you play up your best assets, you are guaranteed to feel poised and polished in your clothes.

9. Be Bold. Bold, colorful accessories are a great note to add to your personal style. When you wear an interesting accessory, people’s eyes are drawn to it. A statement necklace draws the focus to your face. A chic bag, tucked under your arm, catches the eye. Any flaws you think you may possess will be ignored when you’re wearing or carrying a bold accessory.

10. Confidence is key. Every woman can pull off the look of confidence. Whatever your personal style, no matter how your hair decided to fall that day, and regardless of your body shape, confidence will be the feature that puts your look way over the top. According to stylist Maren Reese, “One can wear different textures, colors, patterns, etc. and still pull it off because it’s the air in which they hold themselves.” So, when you step out in your clothes, stand up tall and you will exude confidence and poise!


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