1 Piece, 3 Ways: Sequin Skirt

The sequin skirt always seems like a great idea, especially with New Years Eve approaching fast. But what do you do with the show-stopper piece after you wear it that one time? Throw it back in your closet until next year… I think not! Here are three ways you can wear your sequin skirt for a New Years party or any day of the week.The first look I put together on Polyvore.com is styled for the holiday: A pretty gold peplum top brings a touch of class to the sequin skirt, while a red clutch adds a festive pop of color. The second look works for a night out with the girls. A striped silk tank top is a cool contrast to the sequin skirt, and the structured blazer pulls the look together. Finally, don’t be afraid to wear sequins during the day. When paired with a slouchy sweater, a leopard print pashmina, and leather loafers, a sequin skirt looks less flashy. Another daytime alternative is an oxford shirt. One version of the sequin skirt can be found at Michael Kors, on sale for $77.00. Another option is Forever21, which carries a less expensive version for just $17.80! What do you think, can the sequin skirt be a more versatile item in your wardrobe, or is it just meant to be the show-stopper? –Hillary Biggs

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