Write for Us! We Pay in Kisses and Clips

Hey there, writers!

M.L.T.S. Magazine is looking for talented journalists to commit to contributing weekly or biweekly columns to be published on the magazine’s blog. Writers will also be able to write for the quarterly magazine.

In case you’re just discovering us, M.L.T.S. is daily blog and quarterly magazine that publishes lifestyle, education and career topics for young women who are ambitious and actively pursuing their goals.

Weekly columns fall under one of the following categories: Most Informed (news), Most Stylish, Most Beautiful, Most Loved, Most Entertaining (movies, TV, music, books) and Most Valuable (education & careers).

Previous and current columns include Full Body Detail (covered health and wellness), My Busiest Year (about the writer juggling all her commitments) and My Pleasure (about sex and relationships).

As I’m both a broke journalism student and the sole force behind M.L.T.S., I can’t pay my writers yet. The perks of the job include:

  • Clips to bolster your portfolio
  • Occasional freebies
  • In-roads to people you might not otherwise meet
  • My undying gratitude and respect

To apply, please send your column idea, along with a resume and at least one writing sample. I’m accepting applications at mlts.magazine@gmail.com.

Then again, if you’re just looking to contribute once or twice and can’t commit to a whole column, you can contribute to the following columns:

  • Confessions: Have something you need to get off your chest? Write it up (anywhere between 300 – 700 words works for us) and send it to us. It can be about anything and you can write it anonymously. Our chief concern with installments for this column? Brutal honesty and evocative, exciting prose. Submit a full piece or a pitch and a writing sample to us via email.
  • Love Lessons: Each of these short essays (100 – 250 words) focuses on a single thing that can make or break a relationship. Examples: “Vulnerability is Key” and “Shared Interests Aren’t Everything.” Focus on clarity and being concise. If interested in sharing a Love Lesson, please include the full text in your email.

We’ll be launching these multi-authored columns within the next week and will probably come up with a few others. If you have submissions for either, email them to us at mlts.magazine@gmail.com. Be sure to include the name of the column you’re hoping to contribute to in the subject line of your email. Thanks, lovelies!


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