EDITOR’S NOTE: Push Onward and Triumph!

M.L.T.S. Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Rosella Eleanor LaFevre checks in once a week to let you know what’s up with the magazine and addressing issues faced by motivated young women.

“When two bodies interact by exerting force on each other, these action and reaction forces are equal in magnitude, but opposite in direction.”

Those of you who are pushing hard to achieve your dreams know that, in accordance with Isaac Newton’s third law of motion, when you push toward those dreams, the universe pushes back. Sure, sometimes things go smoothly. But how rare is that?

It can be hard to handle these blows. You’re tempted to take it personally. Don’t.

Those who are far more religious than I believe things like, “When you are down to nothing, God is up to something.” And while I’m not sure it’s a Christian God behind our trials, I do think that you must face them with strength and determination. You can get through the rough patches.

Take M.L.T.S. for example. We’ve been limping along lately. After I postponed the March launch of issue 4, I seemed to have a lot of trouble getting back into the swing. I’d been beaten down, I thought. The magazine needed (and still needs) writers who are talented and dedicated. It takes a lot more than three or four people to put together a great magazine. But now, I’ve bounced back.

We’ve got new content coming your way, both in the form of several online columns that should be launching soon, and a new magazine issue, which will launch on July 16.

You can’t give up. No matter what the obstacle, you CAN move past it. Believe in yourself (or God, if that’s what it takes) and you can do anything.

As for that new content, look for our first installment of Love Smudged, a new sex/relationship column written by Cary Carr. Get excited for the first installment of Confession, a multi-author column where we bare our souls. (And if you’re open enough to share an embarrassing anecdote or trait, email us at mlts.magazine@gmail.com.) Enjoy our second Love Lesson; this one will be about keeping that loving feeling alive even after the honeymoon phase. And then we’ll have another Item of the Week on Friday to tantalize your fashion senses.

Enjoy! xoxo

P.S. Any comments or questions? Email me at mlts.magazine@gmail.com!


One response to “EDITOR’S NOTE: Push Onward and Triumph!

  1. I can’t wait for Issue 4!

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