LISTS: 3 Fashion Tumblrs to Follow

Every now and then, I need a really good dose of fashion inspiration. While I subscribe to a lot of magazines, there’s something special about the collections of images that fashion savvy girls cultivate on Tumblr that really gets me hooked. Here are three awesome, beautiful, glorious fashion tumblrs you should be following for your fashion fix.

1. Girly Photo Collection

This tumblr focuses on the super girly. I love the miniskirts, lace shorts, pastels, glitter and hot purses.

2. Color me happy.

A better name for this Tumblr would have been “Stilettos, Studs and Tightly Focused Shots.”

3. Fuck Year Fashion Couture

For when you absolutely need a dose of haute couture to spice up your life.

Where do you look when you need fashion inspiration?

2 responses to “LISTS: 3 Fashion Tumblrs to Follow

  1. I love looking at fashion stuff on pinterest. And of course the big mags.

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