MUST READ: The Nature of Jade

As we grow into adulthood, as we face the “real-world,” as we struggle to find our identity, we all secretly hope it is an easy quest. Who wants to face so many trials and tribulations on their way to discovering who they really are and what they really want? For some of us, it happens in an instant, for others it takes a lifetime. The story of Jade DeLuna is one of struggle, a fight for self-esteem and a discovery of the self in a very unlikely place. – Ashley Andrucyk

Author: Deb Caletti
Genre: Fiction
Plot Summary: Jade struggles through high school, friends and family trouble all while trying to figure out who and what triggers her anxiety attacks. You see, like any other young adult, Jade just wants to be normal but she has yet to master the feeling of suffocation that strikes at inconvenient times. But when Jade begins volunteering at the zoo, working with elephants, she never expects to fall in love with them or to find herself. Nor does she expect to meet the boy with the baby, Sebastian, the boy with a secret that makes her question right from wrong.
Why you should read it: Jade DeLuna has characteristics that we can not only relate to but that we can all see in ourselves. She struggles to find hope in a dismal situation and yearns for an understanding of situations as yet beyond her grasp. The Nature of Jade sheds a light of hope on the journey to womanhood and the climb we must make to reach our identity.
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Length: 288 pp.

Buy the paperback on Amazon.


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