EDITOR’S NOTE: A Million Thanks to Bianca Crespo

M.L.T.S. Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Rosella Eleanor LaFevre checks in once a week to let you know what’s up with the magazine and addressing issues faced by motivated young women.


Honestly, I don’t even remember how we decided that she would join the team but I’ve been grateful for Bianca Crespo’s help ever since.

She dove into the work without hesitation. I quickly named her Managing Editor because that’s what she did: managed. Better than I could at times.

Bianca has been on board since our second issue, for which she shot a fashion editorial. Then, before the release of the third issue, she started as our Managing Editor.

Giving her the position of Managing Editor was the best decision I ever made. Bianca was always willing to do more than I asked of her. She brought writers on board and got great work out of them. She kept me on track when things were falling apart.

I am endlessly grateful to this brilliant young artist, this incredibly striking talent.

Last week we released our fourth issue, Bianca’s last issue as our managing editor. Check it out for her farewell letter (“California Dreams,” p. 5), interviews with fashion designer Ally Cruz (p. 12) and photographer Jeani Grady (p. 24), the essay she got Janet Iafrate to write about living with ectodermal displasia (p. 9), the analysis of the recent crop of TV shows featuring women in their 20’s that she got Jennie Burd to write for us (p. 25) and the first-hand accounts from three student volunteers that she commissioned for us (p. 36).

As for the blog content this week, we’ve got another installment of Cary Carr’s Love Smudged column on tomorrow, Crosby Rothey’s second Friday Finds column, and various round-ups throughout the week, including five recipes using crescent rolls later today. Enjoy and as always, feel free to comment and let us know how we’re doing!


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