Say It With Them: “This is My Body” Video

This video, featuring a series of women talking about their rights as the owners of their bodies, is spine-tingling. I watched it and was seriously moved.

“If I choose to have sex, I have the right to birth control and to be spared the demeaning insults that you’d never want leveled against your daughter or mother. My pursuit of orgasm is neither unnatural nor dangerous nor scary nor an infringement of your religious liberty. My sexual activity exists for my benefit, not your pleasure. And it’s never my fault if you rape me. I am done being excluded from decisions about my sexual and reproductive health. This is my body. Not yours.”

And would you believe it was created by a dude? Jason Stefaniak created it. After you’ve watched the video, be sure to “Like” the Facebook page.

What would you say if you were to be in a video like this?


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