EDITOR’S NOTE: Let’s Get Silly!

M.L.T.S. Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Rosella Eleanor LaFevre checks in once a week to let you know what’s up with the magazine and addressing issues faced by motivated young women.

On Saturday night, one of my best friends turned 21. My own 21st birthday was a month ago and while I celebrated mine with dinner at a gastropub with my boyfriend, mother, sister and a girl I’ve known since 1st grade, Jenny celebrated hers with a drunken dance fest at Cavanaugh’s River Deck on the Delaware River in Philadelphia.

While I’ve never considered myself the party-going, dance-hall-ready type girl, I seriously got down on Saturday night. It took a few orange juice and rum cocktails and a few sweet words from my boyfriend to conjole me into shaking my ass on the dance floor.

I spend a lot of my time working on my present and future career. Most of the time, I’m busy writing notes in my black-and-white composition book, plotting my next career moves. But for once, I let loose.

Although I woke up yesterday with aching, throbbing thighs and a bit of a headache, I knew how much I had benefited from a night off.

We’ve got to remember to take time off. Spend some time acting silly. Enjoy the company of the people you love.

So what do you do to shake loose the tension, the dull-throbbing ache from overwork?

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